Mandira Bungalow
Originally owned by the Scottish Ceylon Tea Company Ltd, Dick Oya estate was one of the earliest plantations in the hill country.  With mist embraced mountains and lush green valleys, sparkling against a clear blue sky it was the upcountry paradise of choice.

Today, rows of tea pluckers draped in myriad colours still dot the hillsides as they pick out the freshest buds and the estate continues to produce some of the world’s finest teas as it did back then.

Set deep in the heart of Sri Lanka’s prime tea country in the hills of Hatton, the Dick Oya Bungalow stands proud, an enchanting reminder of a colonial era. Boasting an illustrious past, it was built in the early 1900’s as a planter’s residence reigning over the slopes of Dick Oya Estate. Now, a serene and relaxing haven, you too can experience its welcoming charms.